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This lightweight application can analyze your MP3 files and adjust their volume without decoding and re-encoding them, so there is no quality loss during the process.

MP3Gain was designed with the ease of use in mind, allowing users to have a quick understanding of its functionality. The application operates in two modes – track and album – letting you analyze and make volume corrections for both unrelated songs and complete albums.

Basically using the Track/Album Analysis functions on your loaded files, you’ll be able to view reports on the current volume level of each individual file and then make the necessary volume corrections (using the Track/Album Gain functions) so they match the targeted value specified. In addition, you can apply “Constant Gain”, remove tags and view the log files when errors occur.

Bottom line, MP3Gain is a handy utility that helps you match the volume of your tracks so they sound as loud as you want, without compromising quality.

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