Mumble 1.2.11 Free

Mumble 1.2.11

Mumble is a free and open source audio chat software that has a goal to offer everyone ability to chat in a group environment.  This includes setting up an audio call with large amount of people for school project, business meeting or (most often) organized video gaming. This and many other online communication sessions can be greatly enriched with the help of Mumble, which can take control over management of user permissions and other features that will be attractive to moderators who want to tightly control who can talk with who (especially important for use in business, or in gaming with separate rooms for each gaming sessions, group or game). Mumble is there to help you do just that with ease. Users can host their own servers, invite users to manage their own channels, record their audio sessions and manually control when they want to mute their own microphone or mute incoming audio communication.

Main interface of mumble is very well designed. Main dashboard is focused on listing the chat rooms from the server you are connected with. Detailed customizations of your chat experience can be found in the tools that are located above in the main men line.

Mumble is a perfect for anyone who is interested in having complete control over  the audio chat between large amount of people at the same time. It is distributed in two basic modules – Mumble client and Mumble server. This configuration ensures the maximum security, audio quality and reliability of the audio chat between users.

Mumble Features:

  • Low latency and low bandwidth usage
  • Brilliant voice quality (speech preprocessing and noise cancellation)
  • Echo removal
  • Positional audio (determine players’ locations in supported games with your ears)
  • Overlay
  • ACL for users
  • Text-to-speech (hear program’s and server’s status updates)

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