NOD32 Antivirus Free

NOD32 Antivirus

Is a complete antivirus program, like Kaspersky, McAfee or AVG. NOD, NOD32 and ESET are registered trademarks of Eset Corporation. You can choose at the installation of Nod 32 , the following modes:typical,advanced and expert. You can choose to scan: files, boot sectors,system memory,archives,runtime packers,email files,alternative NTFS stream.

Can check viruses,spyware,adware and riskware.The reports are saved in a default folder named nod32.log.You can setup the size of this file. Control Center can receive automatic reports from your computer,if you choose this action (send notifications and errors to Nod32 headquarter ) .Perform these actions:
– clean
– prompt for an action
– no action
– rename
– delete
– replace
– copy to quarantine

Also,you can Scan only or Scan and Clean.
When launching this antivirus program can choose a profile and set a password for every nod profile. In Nod32 you can exclude extensions to be scanned (customize this Eset product).
If the virus signature database is out of date , nod 32 will prompt you to update the program.Shows you the number of the scanned files,number of threats found,time of completion and the total time of the scan. There are 2 levels for antivirus detection:disk and files or folders .

Nod32 is competing now with Kaspersky or AVG antiviruses. Help file will give you data about advanced heuristics,archive,directory list,log, MAPI, methods,quarantine,scanning target etc.

Pros:– complete reports
– deep and smart scan
– good email protection


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