Norton Antivirus Free

Norton Antivirus

At the installation, will take a long time for setup because is is quite big compared to other antiviruses (Kaspersky has 23 mb and McAfee 9 mb).

Program options:
– Account
– Help
– Technical Support
– Live Update
– Scan now
– View History

The Norton Account will send you to the login page. Pressing Live Update you can choose what components you need to be updated : crimeware definitions, firewall, worm  internet protection definitions, virus definitions, protection center, security software, shared components and trusted application list.

Program includes virus protection, anti spyware, inbound firewall and full system scan. Offers you real time protection for instant messengers , will scan outgoing emails and all the emails that you are receiving.

Symantec provide online technical support for this program at http://www.symantec.com/norton/support/index.jsp. You can run a quick scan or a full system control against viruses,adware,trojans etc. Also, view the status of protection categories and manage files dropped in quarantine.

The author recommends to perform updates regularly because new virus definitions are discovered each day. A plus for this program is that the help center is very good organized and covers all the possible problems . The Control Center offer you support for phishing,crimeware and pharming issues .


  • very good protection
  • good design

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