One AEM Audio Event Management Systems Free

One AEM Audio Event Management Systems

AEMS (Audio Event Management Systems) is for people who want more than just good PC based recording/playback software. AEM software gives you the tools to fully manage the recording, playback, storage and access of your audio files.If you want to record interviews, voice notes, dictation, lectures, meetings… etc. or you already like the recorder you use now but require fast accurate and secure access to your audio files, then AEM will save you hours of frustration, searching through directories of audio files, all the while you trying to remember who said what and when or wheather a file contains critical content or not. No matter what your reasons for recording or storing audio, AEM will simplify the the process and allow you to rapidly catalogue, index and verify audio content; giving you what you need to know when you need it.

Because it uses an encrypted relational database, access to your audio files is secure. Additionally, SQLite provides excellent speed and requires very little hard disk space.

It provides an easy to to use interface for searching your audio record notes and annotations. Searches can be made using either a single word of a phrase.

AEM uses VOrbis audio compression which means that a minimal amount of hard drive disk space is used for audio file storage.
Approx: 8 MB per hour for Mono Voice recording and 16 MB per hour for Stereo voice recording.

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