ooVoo Free


ooVoo is changing the way people communicate and connect online with its high-quality video and audio and multi-user capabilities that allow up to twelve people totalk face-to-face with each other at the same time. Using ooVoo is easy and fun, all consumers need is a computer, a broadband connection and a Web camera. In addition,ooVoo offers video messaging to an email or another ooVoo account, text messaging, and file sharing.

ooVoo Features:

Group video chat
Get your whole crew together on oovoo – up to 12 friends at once – with free multi-stream and high-definition video calls.

Free voice calls
Make crystal-clear free voice calls to other oovoo users, or low-cost phone calls to cell phones and landlines.

Instant messaging
Send instant text messages to your friends with oovoo – even while you’re on a call.

Video call recording
Record your video calls and relive every conversation. Upload your chats to youtube so your friends can catch up on what they missed.

Video messages
If a friend isn’t around to take your oovoo call, you can leave a free video message (up to five minutes).

Send files
When your email can’t do the heavy lifting, use oovoo to send large files (up to 25 mb per file) to your friends.

Find and invite friends
Finding friends who are already on oovoo is easy! Sync your email, facebook, and twitter to your oovoo account and start group calling, phoning and texting your friends.

Watch together
Add youtube videos to your group video chats and watch with your friends like you’re all kicking back on the same couch. Bring the latest meme, cat clip, or music video right into your conversations!

Screen sharing
Got a file or image you want to talk about? Use screen share to add files and enhance the conversation.

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