Panda Internet Security Free

Panda Internet Security

Is a suite of tools that will ensure protection from different threats.

Panda Internet Security includes an antivirus that can scan in real time or selected folders, it can be schedules to run at desired time, you can choose only specific file extensions to be scanned such as .rar, .exe and so on. If viruses are found, you can set it to disinfect, delete automatically or prompt for an action. Is able to send warnings to an email address that you set.

Anti spam section allows to detect junk emails; you can add trusted domains or email addresses that will not be marked as spam.

At parental control allows to add certain websites to be blocked or allowed.

Identity protection will alert if you are surfing malware or phishing sites that are intended to steal personal data such as credit card numbers.

The reports area, which i like the most, shows statistics, lists with blocked sites or event reports that can be sorted and exported to a text file.

  • modern design
  • gaming mode
  • virtual keyboard to protect against keyloggers
  • stuffed with options
  • new windows are difficult to distinguish
Bottom line:
Is focused more on antivirus and firewall, for other functions does not offer advanced features. For example, at parental control i want to block websites by certain keywords.

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