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How does PestPatrol identify possible threats? PestPatrol is similar to anti-virus products, but instead of scanning for viruses, it scans for Spyware and Trojans, and even tools and utilities used by hackers and maybe even trusted employees. Used along with anti-virus software, PestPatrol will keep you safe from malicious objects, commonly referred to as Pests. PestPatrol allows you to delete offensive files. Once Pest Patrol detects a pest, you have the option to delete the file, quarantine the file or simply to receive an alert about the file.

You can even examine the pest and receive additional information about it from an extensive Pest Dictionary. If you dont want to delete the file; you can quarantine it until you have time to take a closer look. Once the pest is detected, you can safely quarantine the pest to a separate directory until you have time to examine the file more closely. PestPatrol offers an exclude feature.

The exclude feature allows you to exclude a certain files from the scan. For example, if you are a security officer, you may have some of these tools on your computer for evaluation or testing purposes… with the exclude feature, you can eliminate the bother of being advised of pests you already know about.

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