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Picasa is a software developed by Google and it helps users to organize their photo collections as they need. This tool is free and is used by thousands of people.

After quick installation you can scan automatically entire computer or specific folders to find images, or simply import pictures from desired folder.

Double clicking on a picture from “Library” allows you to apply different very useful effects and modifications to your image. You can rotate, crop a part, fix Red-eye effect, change shadows, color temperature, sketch and many defined effects easy to apply with a single click.

Picasa includes a slideshow player for your pictures and you view them on full screen.

If you login with Google account, you can share individual pictures online. Also, you can add places and tags for images (Google maps is included).


  • useful photo effects
  • easy to use
  • Google Maps included to tag places
  • slideshow
Bottom line:Fast, easy to use pictures organizer and manager that may be your best tool to deal with personal photos in a nice and productive way.

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