PicPick Free


This feature-rich screen capturing application, designed with the ease of use in mind, allows users to capture anything on their monitor and edit the screenshots using lots of handy tools.

Whether you want to capture the whole screen, a scrolling window or only certain areas, PicPick can help you do all this and even more.

It features instruments like color picker, color palette and some other measurement tools for angles, objects sizes and screen coordinates, all designed to make your job even easier.

As regards editing options, you can crop, resize and rotate images, invert colors, convert pictures to grayscale, apply pixelation, blurring or sharpening effects, adjust parameters like brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, color/tone balance, insert text and shapes, apply frames and more.

From Options you can configure the capturing process as well as the hot keys, enable auto save option and associate image file types (BMP, JPG, GIF or PNG).

Moreover, from inside the application you can send your screenshots to Skype, email or other external applications, copy to clipboard or upload them to FTP or Twitter.


  • no installation required
  • intuitive and flexible

  • limited editing options and effects
Bottom line:It’s free and perfectly suitable for taking fast screenshots and performing basic editing operations on them.

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