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Screenshot Captor

Screenshot Captor is a full-featured screen capture tool that offers you numerous capture modes, including scrolling windows and webcam snapshots as well as various enhancing options and sharing capabilities.

Depending on what you want to capture – your workspace, active windows, regions of a certain size or manually selected etc. – you can easily take the screenshots using the predefined shortcuts and then add the captures into the image editor for further adjustments.

The collection of editing tools available is quite impresive. You can crop, rotate and resize images, add borders, frames and shadows, adjust colors, brightness and contrast, insert captions and watermarks, apply blur effects to selected parts of an image and more.

One can save multiple screenshots into one PDF or animated GIF file, upload the captures to image hosting services or share them via e-mail, generate thumbnails and rename files automatically.

Bottom line:Despite the myriad of features provided, this screenshot taking program is easy to use and can successfully cover a lot of screen capturing tasks.

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