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Shareaza is a spyware free, open source P2P file-sharing client that connects to four modern networks: G2, Gnutella, eDonkey2000, and BitTorrent.

Shareaza downloads files from more than one user and network to speed up downloads. You are able to search more than one network, which means you will find more users and files. Shareaza uses special technology to identify files and prevents corruption from ever occurring on downloads. You can run more than one search at a time; Shareaza will create “tabs” so you can quickly go back and forth between your searches. With Shareaza, you can see previews of movies and pictures before you download them! Shareaza has a complete ratings system so you can tell people about your favorite files or warn others about misnamed files.

Shareaza catalogs your files for you and stores them in a searchable library, giving you easy access to them. You can watch videos and listen to music for files that are still downloading. Shareaza includes a complete media player for your music and videos. You can create your own playlists, watch visuals that follow the beat, zoom in on videos, and more.

You can customize Shareaza to your liking with different skins and many options. Shareaza has been tested on all modern versions of Windows. Shareaza will always be free and never contain spyware, adware, or any type of malware.

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