Spyglass Free


It comes with a modern and beautiful interface. Spyglass can be used to scan computer folders or hard drives and identify files that are biggest. In this way, you can make quick decisions to delete unused files in order to free up space from hard disk.

Scanning is working pretty fast, at first use the program shows a tutorial or a manual about how to use it.

Results are displayed in a tree view in the left side of interface, but also shows colored shapes which help you to identify big files visually. Clicking on results, you can explore content of that folders.

With right click you are able to send files to Recycle Bin, delete it permanently or open that folder to view content.

The program also includes a duplicate finder.


  • beautiful interface
  • drag&drop

  • no sorting
  • hard to find duplicate finder
Bottom line:A modern program with an outstanding design, is scanning pretty fast but lack of advanced options..

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