SpywareBlaster Free


Prevent from being virused while you are surfing the Web. Automatically prevent installation of ActiveX based spyware or prevent ad tracking cookies. Restrict different sites. Also, it protects you against potentially annoying scripts that can harm your PC.

The shield detect your browsers, like Internet Explorer and allow setting for each of them. You can enable or disable all protections and download latest SpywareBlaster updates. You can customize the block list checking every item or all of them.Allow you to prevent and add cookies for Mozilla browser.

System SnapShot can create an image for your computer browser settings and will be able to restore them later if a virus or a malware damage your PC. You can set some browser settings directly in this application.

Can store encrypted backup copies of hosts file. It can disable IE settings area in IE control panel (IE7->Tools) and completely disable Flash contents and downloads. You can add manually items to be blocked.

Most of viruses and spyware came from the internet and allow to adjust browser settings for a perfect prevention. Is an interesting product, very strong oriented to anti spyware prevention.

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