SQL Server 2012 Express Free

SQL Server 2012 Express

SQL Server Express Edition is an easy-to-use, lightweight version of SQL Server designed for quickly building data-driven applications of all shapes and sizes, from small school projects to large-scale internet databases that can serve large communities of users.  No matter if you are building database that will be used on desktop PC projects, web apps, or internet servers, SQL Server Express Edition enables all professional users and novices who are still in the process of learning to access all the tools and services that will enable easy management, full control, total security of data and complete control over database deployment and live management.

First steps in the creation of SQL Server Express Edition were made after release of SQL Server 2000 who featured very popular version of Microsoft Database Engine, a scale down version Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 or 2000 that was free for use for non-commercial uses. Microsoft quickly saw the popularity of this database management tool, and expanded it into SQL Server Express Edition that was introduced with the release of SQL Server 2005.  Today, SQL Server Express Edition manages to give users many tools and features that are basic part of their premium business solutions, including full access to the databases of up to 10 GB in size, multicore processing (on only 1 CPU), up to 1 GB of RAM utilization, and sadly no access to concurrent workload-governor that would enable this app to work much efficiently like its more expensive cousins.

The following is a list of features that help make SQL Server Express Edition the right choice for your needs:

Easy to get. Free to use.

  • Available free!
  • Quickly build and deploy your database solution.
  • Backup and restore with ease.
  • Available with a graphical management tool, reporting capabilities, full-text search, and spatial support.
  • Ideal for building Web sites and apps, small scale LOB solutions or for redistribution with ISV applications.


  • 10 GB database storage.
  • The same advanced database engine as other versions of SQL Server.
  • Compatible with all editions of SQL Server®: Scales with your growing business needs.
  • Compatible with the scalable, self-managed and multi-tenant cloud SQL Azure Database service.


  • Download the SQL Server Driver for PHP  or check out the Community Preview version 2.0 which supports PHP Data Objects (PDO).
  • Designed to work with Visual Studio and ASP.NET.
  • Take advantage of rich business intelligence and reporting with Microsoft® Office.
  • Synchronize with other SQL Server Databases using the Microsoft® Sync Framework.


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