Streamripper 1.63.2 Free

Streamripper 1.63.2

New options include a configuration file for stored settings, ability to run the windows GUI application without running Winamp, and a new experimental silence detection method. Internal changes include a transition from wide characters to utf-8, a new dependency on glib, and separating the winamp plugin into a thin DLL and standalone EXE. Many bugs have been fixed, including crashes when reconnecting, checks for full disk conditions, percent-escaping of user names, parsing year and track from metadata, relative path in cue file, race conditions in relay server, id3 bug on 64-bit systems, and problems connecting to certain servers. Tentative list of goals for 1.63.X series: * Fix problem with -a flag * Implement PCRE for parse rules * Skin improvements (fix single pixel problem, load compressed skins, etc) * Add -o version option

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