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Tag Clinic

You audio and music files, except for file name, have different tags (song name, artist and album name, genre, year and more). These tags can be edited manually or in bulk mode (process multiple files at once) using this free program – Tag Clinic.

It provides a generous interface, intuitive and with a lot of options and features.

Once you add audio files in workspace (supports drag&drop) you can sort them or filter by different criteria. Entire list with tags for selected files can be exported to different formats (xls, csv, html, txt etc.).

It can analyze volume and normalize it, in order to make all songs to have the same level of volume.

Includes a search and replace function to replace words, with advanced settings (case sensitive, whole words, tags or file names only).

With right click on each item you can perform even more actions.


  • normalize volume
  • export as XLS, CSV etc.
  • bulk editing
  • sorting
  • support MP3 and others
  • many options

  • design is a little old
Bottom line:A really useful program to manage your playlists and organize your music files by renaming and normalizing volume.

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