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Text To Wav

This text-to-speech software can read text and html documents using your computer voice and also convert them into WAV audio files.

Text to Wav comes with an organized interface, easy to handle. There is a FilePane on the left-side of the text editor where all your loaded files (.txt, .htm, .html) will be displayed along with their conversion status (complete or none) and several dedicated fields for your output audio file (path, file and folder name).

By right clicking on any listed input file you can easily initiate a conversion process or you can execute the appropriate predefined command for a batch procession.

The application uses Microsoft SAPI4/SAPI5 text-to-speech engines and also features voice adjustments (speed, pitch, volume), a theme selector and multiple reading controls including play from start/caret, pause/resume, next/previous sentence and stop.

In addition you can listen clipboard content, use a built-in dictionary, predefined hotkeys aa well as control tags. Text to Wav reads aloud any imported TXT/HTML file or piece of text written using the built-in text editor and converts them to WAVs for a listening on the go.

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