The Mirror Of Beauty Free

The Mirror Of Beauty

A complete virtual makeover system for the face that offers full makeup options, all accomplished automatically and without the need to paint on the face. Makeup options include foundation (with automatic detection of the natural shade), eye liner, eye shadow, lipstick, blush, lip liner and brow mascara. Also featured are a number of innovative functions such as virtual botox, auto-deaging, auto feminization, virtual nose jobs, and hot looks.

Facial options can be outlined with a minimum of effort with the use of an advanced pattern recognition module. The program accepts all major graphical formats as input and can save or print the finished makeover.

– Adjust foundation color and amount

– Adjust lipstick color and amount
– Make flat or glossy

Lip liner
– Adjust line liner color and amount

Eye shadow
– Adjust shadow color
– Add above, below, or to side of eyes face

Eye liner
– Adjust liner color
– Adjust pencil size and thickness

Brow mascara
– Adjust mascara color
– Adjust mascara thickness

Bee-stung lips
– Increase size of top and bottom lips

– Go back in time by amount you set

Warp to model
– Change the structure of your face to that of a model

Make painting
– Make a painting of your

– Smooth out wrinkles on brow, around eyes, or around mouth

Nose job
– Reduce the length or the width of your nose

– Adjust blush color
– Adjust blush area and thickness

– Adjust amount and color of glitter

Hair style
– Choose from short, medium, and long styles and change hair color

– Automatically make your face look more feminine

– Get a new look with a single click with or without a new hairdo

– Add flowers, hats, tiaras, and headresses to your look

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