The Word Bible 3.3 Free

The Word Bible 3.3

The Word Bible software (full name “In the beginning was The Word”) is an intuitive and powerful computer program which puts hundreds of Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, books and maps at your fingertips. Even though the software is provided at no charge, that in no way suggests that the quality and caliber of The Word is anything less than what one would expect from top-of-the-line program. The Word Bible Software is one of the very best Bible study software programs available, commercial or otherwise. 

The Word is designed to be a tool for everyday use, always running in the background and ready to respond whenever you need to look-up a verse, read the Bible, or study a passage or theme of the Bible in depth. It’s quick to load, easy to customize and intuitive to use. Each little detail has been carefully contemplated, designed and implemented with many options and customizations. 

Quick feature list

  • Clear, unobtrusive, modern, skin-able user interface. Views (sub-windows) are arranged automatically and view-layouts can be saved and restored easily. Predefined layouts allow to ‘switch’ everything (from your Bible views to options, toolbars and modules) depending on your study context with a click.
  • Unmatched Customization of Bible Viewer. Everything is switchable and customizable (Strong’s numbers, red letters, Greek morphology, chapter heading, author’s added words, inline dictionaries and commentaries, cross-references, Old Testament quotes, translator’s footnotes, paragraph layout, translator’s paragraphs, etc). Multiple translations can be compared in horizontal or vertical layout for easy comparison.
  • Support for non-Bible resources: Books, dictionaries, commentaries, maps, devotionals, etc.
  • Advanced search capabilities for all resources including full Boolean logic queries and regular expressions.
  • Advanced library organization in book collections for easy manipulation and handling of resource sets. Optimized for large libraries (1000s of books) with no noticeable performance hit.
  • Unique authoring capabilities: the only program that allows you to create and share user resources directly from within the program. Advanced WYSIWYG editor with cross-linking capabilities across all resources and topics, automatic verse recognition as you type, etc. All types of supported resources can be created directly from within the program and shared with others.
  • Deep cross-linking of all resources including Bibles, commentaries, topical books, etc. Easily locate relevant information as you navigate through a verse or topic.
  • User highlighting everywhere (Bibles and Books) with many styles (colors, underlines, etc.), verse lists, intuitive and extensive cross-reference support.
  • Fully Unicode application from the ground up. Totally localizable in any language (even in Unicode-only languages like Chinese). Already translated in several languages (Greek, Portuguese, Chinese, German, Italian, Slovak, Spanish, Polish).
  • Special support for Greek and Hebrew in every function of the program (strong numbers, special Unicode fonts, virtual keyboard, searching ignoring accents and diacritics, etc.)
  • Clipboard Monitor: it monitors the clipboard for all copied text and parses any verse references in it in order to display a popup window with the actual verse text (even when The Word is in the background or minimized in the tray).
  • Copy Verses Out of the Program with extreme customization, full printing support
  • The Word is also Portable and can be run from a USB flash drive.
  • Comes with many preinstalled skins to satisfy your sweet-tooth for eye candy.
  • Very well thought out support for encrypted/locked modules. 384 bit strong encryption with advanced security schemes. Integrated support for locked modules and attempts of illegal copying of non-free modules

Every function of the program has been carefully designed and each minor detail has been thoroughly thought out, making this program unique. Wherever you click with your mouse you will get exactly what you expect and access the feature that you need at that moment. You can customize every little detail and make the program suit your needs and taste. 

Try it for yourself and see if you can go back to anything else!

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