Threedef 1.1.18 Free

Threedef 1.1.18

Access your music with a phone keypad. Fast. Dial the name, hit Play, boogie. Drill down into even the largest music collection and find your selection with just a few taps. All your musics metadata is indexed for instant access. Now featuring CD ripping!

Threedefs nine key pad gives you the ability to instantly dial into and hear any artist, album, or track in your library. Simply type part of the name of the artist, album, or track you want to hear. Press one key per letter. For example, to match The Cure , try: [2] [8] [7] (C U R).

After each key press, it will display the most likely match, with the matched characters underlined. When it displays what youre looking for, hit Play to hear it. It also features intelligent metadata indexing, album cohesion, shuffle history, tag editing, PlayNext, audio tweaks including pitch and tempo shifting, and wide format support.

Whats new in this version: Fast Music Selection UI, Player, & CD Ripper

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