TinyGrab Free


TinyGrab is a screenshot taking software. It makes sharing screenshots effortless. TinyGrab has an inbuilt screenshot taking tools, which automatically detects when you take a screenshot and uploads it to the web straight away. All you have to do is press Control + Shift +4. You can also share images by dragging them to the TinyGrab System Tray icon.

TinyGrab Features:

Automatic Image Uploading
TinyGrab automatically uploads any screenshots that you take when you use the special trigger keys. TinyGrab don’t have any storage limits in place!

Online Management
Manage and organise all of your uploaded grabs through TinyGrab’s new and feature packed Online Control Panel. Search for specific grabs and place them in folders.

Quick Image Sharing
Share any image simply and quickly with TinyGrab. Drag it to the dock icon, the menubar or select the file from the drop down menu.

Social Sharing
Quickly share your uploaded screenshots and pictures with your favourite online social networks; like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr and more!

Custom Server Uploading
Upload grabs automatically to your own server through FTP, SFTP; as well as the option to upload all filetypes and multiple files as .zip archives.

Web Gallery
Display selected grabs in a public collection through a professional looking web gallery. Ideal for showcasing designs, or photo albums.

Amazon S3, MobileMe & Cloud Files
TinyGrab adds support for more custom server types. Specifically Amazon S3, MobileMe and Rackspace Cloud Files.

Custom Domains / URLs
Use your own custom domain / URL along with TinyGrab’s grab hosting service to share and manage your images, or use as your own custom URL shrinker!

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