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ToeTag 0.1 beta

If your folders have no tags and you cant get the information from the internet, you can use the information from the filename for the tags. ToeTag options a unique visual editor that can automatically break the filename into fields for you to choose who parts belong where. For example, if your filename is 01. Artist Name – Album Name.mp3 ToeTag would break it into 3 sections and let you choose who tag matched each field! time-saving automation features One of ToeTags main goals is to make it as easy as possible to manage audio folders and their tags. When managing a new collection of files, you probably do several things each time. For example: 1. Add or edit all the tags. 2. Fix the capitalization of song titles. 3. Move the folders to a new directory based on artist & album title. 4. Rename all the songs based on track number and title. 5. Write an M3U playlist. 6. Delete specific extra folders from the source directory like logs. 7. Move extra folders (like high-resolution art work) to the new directory. 8. Change to the new directory. ToeTags options make this incredibly simple. You can: * Automatically delete folders you specify. * Write the M3U file after moving or renaming files. * Move non-audio folders after rename. * Remove the source directory after rename (only if it is empty). * Change directories to the new folder. intelligent capitalization Intelligent capitalization makes prepositions lower case unless they are part of a phrasal verb or the first or last word in the title. Options allow you to define words that should always be upper or lower case. In addition to intelligent capitalization, you can also select ALL UPPER CASE, Upper Case First Letter, all lower case, or choose to leave the capitalization as is. advanced features * Edit tag data directly in the grid! * ReplayGain support! Normalize volume without re-encoding or losing fidelity! * Vista users will see the modern Vista appearance. * XP users will also get Vista style buttons, pop-up dialogs, and command dialogs. * Write all or selected songs to a play list (with extended information). * Launch all or selected folders in your preferred audio player. * Associate ToeTag with folders so you can just right-click on an MP3 file from Explorer or almost any software and run ToeTag.

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