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This software is a multitrack audio mixing solution for editing and recording of any source of music, designed to meet the needs of both professional and home users.

Traverso comes with an innovative and easy to handle interface. One can record and edit audio clips, apply effects and burn them to CDs. To start editing songs, all you have to do is load the audio tracks (drag-and-drop method is also supported) and then access the contextual menu options by right clicking on them.

All the operations can be performed through mouse and single/hold key actions. You can move, copy, remove clips, adjust/reset the gain of tracks, insert silence, change the volume, split audio clips, edit properties, fade in/out, normalize and more.

The application supports FLAC, OGG, MP3 and WAV audio inputs and also features sound recordings into WAV, WavPack or WAV64. Moreover, you can work with files that have different sample rates, regardless of your sound card’s capabilities.

Traverso is a lightweight audio recording and editing tool that helps you process audio files quickly and efficiently.

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