TTSReader Free


This text-to-speech software can read aloud .txt and .rtf files and convert the reading to WAVs and high quality MP3 audio files.

TTSReader features a user-friendly interface and several useful customization options. There are various voices integrated to choose from and you can also adjust basic voice parameters such as pitch, speed and volume.

Besides the standard controls (read, pause, stop) one can also use functions like “Skip S.” and “Skip P.” to ignore certain sentences or paragraphs while reading a document.

The application can also read clipboard content and moreover, it can perform an automatic reading (right away or as soon as the current reading is over) every time changes occur but only if the “Clip” button is pressed.

In addition, you can change the type of font and its size, choose between highlight the first character or the whole word when reading, configure global hotkeys and also define pronunciation corrections for certain words.

In conclusion, TTSReader is a feature-rich text-to-speech converter, very easy to use and efficient mostly for reading large text documents and saving them into WAVs or MP3s.

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