Vectir 1.1.0 Free

Vectir 1.1.0

Vectir is a PC remote control application that lets you control popular media players such as Winamp, iTunes and Windows Media Player with a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone or infrared (IR) remote control. Other features include mouse pointer control, master volume adjust and remote PC shutdown. Vectir lets you load playlists, skip tracks or crank up the volume of your MP3 media player without having to be located at your personal computer.

You may also setup a home theatre PC and use it to watch films from the comfort of your lounge suite or wherever you like. It works with compatible Bluetooth enabled mobile phones or USB infrared receiver appliances such as the USBUIRT and Tira2. These appliances pickup signals from most infrared (IR) remote controls and send them to your personal computer. The Bluetooth Remote solution allows you to create your own remote profiles that you can download to your phone. You may create remote profiles customised to the application that you wish to control and your phones keypad. Vectir also sustains the infrared (IR) capture feature of the USB-UIRT and Tira appliances.

This feature lets you capture enough information about an IR signal to be able to re-send it. After it has captured an IR signal, it can then be re-sent. This means that you can use your PC as an IR remote control and send commands to your TV, DVD player etc. You can also your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone to control your TV, DVD player or other IR appliance through Vectir with the help of a USB-UIRT or Tira-2.

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