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Virtual Fashion Pro is the first fashion design tool which allows you to bring your creative fantasies to life.The union of speed and creativity. VF Professional brings together intuitive 3D tools, world class fabric simulation, industry leading graphical detail and simulation in a single platform that saves time, resources and effort. Multiple iterations of the same garment can be produced in just minutes greatly streamlining the design and development cycle.

Professional grade features set VF Professional apart. Designed for professionals, based on industry leading simulation technology that has been proven in corporate and military
applications, VF Professional features powerful tools that are a must-have for the demanding student or professional.

Features:Making design easy and fast
Virtual Fashion continues to innovate in the design process by offering intuitive and easy to implement fashion design technology. Brilliant 3D design is no longer available to only big budget companies. Virtual Fashion takes just hours to learn and operate.

Cutting costs and shortening design developments cycles
Based on our proprietary ClothReyes, the industry leading cloth
simulator, Virtual Fashion delivers on fabric simulation a generation ahead of other solutions available in the market today. The results: enhanced productivity and reduced development times and costs.

Providing both 3D & 2D work share
Export your designs in 3D format for use with our free VF Show viewer letting your clients and customers see your designs in 3D just as you designed it. Or use the integrated VF PhotoStudio to create your own 2D fashion shots in our full featured photographic studio.

The only software that lets you design and sell in 3D
With the VF Publisher plug-in (coming soon) you can not only design in 3D but approve selected designs for publication in your online storefronts. Buyers and clients have access to your garments as never before with VF Show!

Dispalying and rendering perfect textures
Virtual Fashion already includes 18 precision fabrics with exact algorithms to replicate both the visual and dynamic properties of those fabrics. Extend your catalogue by importing your own 2D prints created in any paint program or adjust the transparency and reflective properties of any of our already existing fabrics.

ONE-TOUCH draping simulations
Only Virtual Fashion allows you to select your model’s pose and have your clothing adapt to that posture at the touch of just one button. Sit back and relax as the draping simulation takes place right before your eyes.

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