Wavosaur Audio Editor Free

Wavosaur Audio Editor

This audio editor allows you to process audio tracks, perform standard editing operations (cut, copy, paste, mix, trim/crop etc.) and also record sounds from your soundcard input.

The first good thing about Wavosaur is that it does not require installation, you just have to run its executable and you are ready to use the application. You can work with OGG Vorbis files, WAVs, AIFFs, MP3s and raw binary files in one session if you want. The application features drag-and-drop method as well as batch processing.

You can cut and crop selections, paste them to other audio files, process audio files using options like reverse, invert/flip, insert channels, resample, fade in/out or volume customizations.

You can also apply effects and filters, create loop points and markers and save them to wav files, display the files properties and 2D/3D spectrum analysis, remove silence, enable auto trim and more.

All in all, Wavosaur is a feature-rich audio editor with full support for VST FX and ASIO.

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