WinDirStat Free


Scan hard drives and view a report with all files and folders, then explore each subsequent folder and file to delete desired ones.

WinDirStat allows to sort results by size, but also by number of files or subfolders and last modification date. The main purpose of this program is to make easier for you to identify big or large files which will free up hard disk space by deleting or wiping.

Users can view list with files in a tree mode which allows to explore next levels/subdirectories with a click, but also displays a map with colored squares and you can visualize and click on biggest squares. Big squares represent large files and you can jump directly on each file by clicking on colored square or cluster.

The program allows to delete files with right click and send them to Recycle Bin or permanently (will not be found in Recycle Bin), copy path or open command prompt.


  • graphical visualization
  • delete files

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