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WizTree assist users to free up the space on hard disk. First, you need to perform a scan and the program will display a list with all folders for selected drive.

Folders/files can be sorted by column names such as size, number of files and folders it contains inside, and last modification date. Displays results in a tree view and you can explore content of each folder by clicking on it.

With right click you are able to delete selected file or folder.

The program can display size in selected unit, such as KB, MB, GB etc.

At the top or interface, you can view total space available for selected drive, also free and used space, including percentage.

Also has a tab or a shortcut where you can view a list with top 1.000 largest files.


  • fast scan
  • custom units (GB, MB)
  • sort
Bottom line:By deleting files that are not used, you can make more free space, but also will improve the performance on your computer. I recommend it because is straightforward and is working fast.

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