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Yandex Browser

Yandex Browser is a simple and easy-to-use internet browser. Its clutter-free interface gives you plenty of space for viewing webpages. The minimalist design allows you to focus on more important things. Webpages load rapidly even with low connection speeds. Warnings about harmful sites, SMS fraudsters, and checking all downloaded files for viruses.

Yandex Browser Features:

The pages you visit most are always at hand. Get there in one click. Turn on the Notifications function and you will always be aware of the latest Facebook updates.

You can enter both website addresses and searches in SmartBox. Search suggestions will appear as you type your search, they include your bookmarks and history.

Quick links
Yandex Browser will help you easily navigate new websites — such as banks, online stores or airlines. It knows which site sections are the most important and shows quick links to them.

Change your browser background as often as you like. Select one of the default images or upload your own.

Translate 33 languages
Yandex Browser can translate both individual words and entire webpages to and from English, French, German, Ukrainian, Turkish and a number of other languages.

Document viewer
With Yandex Browser for Windows you can view documents found on the internet — they open in a separate tab. Yandex Browser supports the main Office formats such as text files and presentations as well as e-books.

Use Yandex Browser on any computer, smartphone, or tablet. Your bookmarks and Tableau are available everywhere and load automatically after logging into the browser. All data is reliably secured and won’t go missing, even if your computer breaks down or you lose it.

Push to Call
Yandex Browser for desktop will help you quickly call numbers found on the internet. Just one click on the number on the site  and Yandex Browser for mobile phones will dial it on your smartphone. In order to enable Push to Call, install Browser on both devices and set up syncing.

Yandex’ own system scans millions of websites every day. Yandex Browser will warn you if you try to visit a harmful site. Every file you download will also be scanned for viruses by Kaspersky.

Import your settings
Yandex Browser does not require any setting up. All your settings will be imported from your old browser, so you’ll still have all your bookmarks, history and other information.

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