Zemana AntiLogger Free Free

Zemana AntiLogger Free

Zemana AntiLogger Free is a powerful application that protects your Windows computer from keylogger attacks. It encrypts your every keystroke deep into your computer’s core and delvers decrypted data directly where you are typing it. No one will be able to steal your information. All they are getting is as valuable as a shredded document.

Zemana AntiLogger Free protects all the application you use. Unlike anti-logging tools that work with only one specific application such as your web browser, AntiLogger Free protects every application on your computer. Lightweight and seamless, AntiLogger free is easy to install, requires no configuration and does not slow down your PC.

System-Wide Keylogger Protection
Encrypts keystrokes deep in your computer. Even if stolen, your information is illegible.

Always up to date protection
Your protection does not rely on signature database

Financial Malware Protection
Banker Trojans, Secure connection intruders, Man-in-the-Browser attacks

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