Zoner Photo Studio Free

Zoner Photo Studio Free

This powerful and fully featured application is perfectly suitable for managing, viewing and editing of large photo collections.

As regards the Manager component, Zoner Photo Studio allows you to quickly navigate through your collection and display the content of selected folders in a thumbnail, list or details view mode. Specific information about each selected pictures including histogram and EXIF metadata are also displayed.

You can sort your files by name, size, type and other advanced criteria, perform searches (by keywords, file names or GPS coordinates) and other operations like automatic color corrections, levels and curves adjustments and photo conversion.

Also from this tab, one can apply image effects, add text and image overlays, rotate and flip pictures, create panorama and 3D scenes, calendars or contact sheets and upload pictures to web.

The app’s Viewer includes a slideshow display of your pictures with handy customization options provided. You can play an entire image folder, add background music, edit and display the header and footer and most important, apply transition effects.

As far as photo editing goes, one can work with cropping, selection, retouching and alignment tools, clone stamps, red-eye removal, morphing mesh and paintbrush instruments and also adjust colors, add filters and apply various effects.


  • powerful sorting capabilities
  • numerous publishing options
  • advanced color adjustments tools

  • lack of advanced editing options
Bottom line:The application is pretty well featured and promises to be a good alternative to other programs of this kind, especially as it’s free and offers a rich set of options to manage, view and edit large photo collections.

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