Zoom Player Free 8.7 beta 11 Free

Zoom Player Free 8.7 beta 11

At the installation is recommended that you select all third party codecs to be installed. This will help you to play any video file format.

This video and audio player has a professional interface and is easy to use.

Tools and interfaces they may require to manipulate their playback environment to their exact specification.Zoom player is a small application but with best results .Is available in many languages and is without costs for non commercial use .

Can set filters for audio ,video and photos executions .Files can be played in a controlled mode.

Have quick link to shoutcast.Over 500 radio stations are available to be accessed from the internet with Zoom Player.Sound equalizer is editable and have a full list with audio presets.can modify the level of bass,treble and other audio qualities for improving multimedia experience.

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